Recording Packages

Single Session (half day)

A single session is a great choice for: singer/songwriters, solo artists and singers with tracks, to record a few songs in our studio. It’s also enough time for a band to record a single song and leave with a working mix. Up to 4 hours. (mastering packages are available below)

$149 USD

Full Session (full day)
An entire day in the studio is the ideal choice for most bands to record two or three songs, or a solo artist to record vocals and single instrument on four or more songs.

$249 USD

The Studio Experience (two hours)
The perfect gift for that musically talented younger person interested in recording. Give them an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. Two hours in the studio. They will leave with a recording that they created under the guidance of our experienced engineer.

$95 USD

Mastering Packages

All mastering packages include:
– Analysis of your mix for to identify issues prior to mastering
– Dynamic enhancement (improved energy and punch)
– Frequency equalization for improved clarity & definition
– Bass optimization (deeper, fuller, more impact)
– Dynamic optimization for competitive advantage (sounds louder and better)
* unattended sessions, 5 minute max per song,
** attended sessions, 5 min max per song

Standard Mastering Package $59 per song

– Standard CD mastering (see above) on data CD

Gold Mastering Package $79 per song

– Master grade gold audio CD burned to Red Book Specifications plus- Embedded ISRC codes and PQ codes- Error checked reference CD- Printed out track sheet and PQ list- MP3 version. (specify sample frequency and bit rate at time of order)

– One Free Revision

Platinum Mastering Package $95 per song

– Master grade gold audio CD burned to Red Book Specifications plus
– Embedded ISRC codes and PQ codes
– Error checked reference CD
– Digital downloads of all your mastered songs
– Printed out track sheet and PQ list
– Digital files upon request at time of order
– Up to three revisions
– Special “Mastered for I-Tunes” version ready for distribution on I-Tunes

“Mastered for iTunes” versions provide clearer distinctions between similar tones in acoustic guitar and piano and sharper, less distorted drums with a more open feel.