The right mix can make a good recording sound AMAZING.

There are three really big things you need to get a great mix.  
  1. A great song that was played with passion and recorded properly.
  2. A great mixing room with all the right equipment
  3. A skilled, experienced mix engineer that absolutely loves your music and will go the extra mile.

The Mix Room

Acoustic designers have a saying. In the beginning,  God created sound, and it was perfect.
Then man invented the room…………………… : (

Sound is very complex.  It bounces back and forth between all the walls, floor and ceiling and anything else in the room. It messes up the low end and the bass the most. That why most home recordings can’t compete.

Great mixes need a great mixing environment. That’s why we have a custom designed control / mix room at Dreamery Productions.  Designed by a team of acoustic, electrical and mechanical engineers.  Here in the studio we hear what was really recorded.  We mix with precision and accuracy.


  • a special shape and size
  • sound proof ( no outside noise get in)
  • silent heat, ventilation and air conditioning
  • acoustic treatment including custom designed bass traps, cloud absorbers and broadband sound absorbers.
  • multiple speakers and headphones for mix testing

John Heartson – Audio Engineer / Music Producer

The Mix Engineer 

John Heartson understands what you need.  He has been recording and mixing sound and music for over 45 years. AND like you, he is also a musician, a singer and a songwriter (with a degree in mechanical engineering and expert in sound and vibration).  But hey, listen to the samples yourself. Check them out with headphones, speakers, ear buds and your car stereo.   Let you heart and ears decide.