Some of the talented singers, songwriters, musicians, film producers and bands we have enjoyed working with here at Dreamery Productions.

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Alayna Westcom – Miss Vermont
Alan Greenleaf
Allen Pihl
Ana D’Leon
Anjo Roy
Ashley Miles
Bernie Jam  2016 Newbury VT (live sound mixing)
Bill Hosmer
Beverly Decker
Bob Decker
Bob Lauterbach
Chris Salvatoriello
Cody Newline
David Rosane and the Zookeepers
David Saikin
Don Sinclair
Donna Lowry
Donna Packard
Dyane Wallace
Eric Brinkerhoff
Erin Kimberly Plant
Eve Passeltiner
Ethan Lawrence
Fifth Business
Gary Dinsmore
Gene McCormick
Heather Alger
Irwin Gelber
Janet Heartson Wellness Consulting
Janet Willson
Jenn Grossi
Jersey Blue – Bernard Purdie, Gene McCormick, Jack Hoban
Jane E. Cline
John Foster
Joe Godwin
John Severence
Molly Rutman
Kate Davie
Kathy Fitch
Kingdom All Stars
Nicolas Anzalone
Paul Gardner
Paul Tidyman
Penpa Tsering
Pipe and Slippers
Presbyterian Church of Barnet
Rake Factory Union
Randy Fisher
Revival of the Fittest (NH band)
Robert Zieglar
Rowe Williams
Roxanne Jean
Richard Delmaestro
Stuart Corso
Susan Davis
Susan Taylor
Scott Cheney
Steve Davie
Steve Schuch
Steve Wright
Tanya Sousa
Thomas Chapin
The Reminiscents  (Live Sound mixing)
Walter Donnelly
Wasso Nelissen
“Wild Roots”
Woody Starkweather
Ziba Aldrich
Zaka * (Haitian Film maker)  –
*Soundtrack and original music for “Tap Tap episode 2″ ℗ 2012 John Heartson

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