Dreamery Productions was an amazing place to record.

John is really easy to work with and has a lot of great ideas that can bring original songs to the next level. The recordings coming out of his studio are really great and my 2nd CD wouldn’t sound as amazing as it does if it hadn’t been recorded with him.  I would recommend Dreamery Productions to anyone who wants a professional sounding CD at a reasonable price.

Ashley Miles – Singer Songwriter
Concord, VT 


Ashley Miles


Hi John,

Thank you again, for sponsoring the back track that will be used at Miss America! Thank you for being so easy to work with, and for making great quality sounds in such a short time, I really appreciate it!
Thank you again!
Alayna WHITE

Alayna Westcom


John Heartson knows his craft.  He is an excellent engineer, and also has the ear and feel of a musician, because he is one.

I have been a professional musician for about 40 years. During that time, I have recorded with the likes of Marvin Gaye, Isaac Hayes, The Allman Brothers, Bernard Purdie, Jam Factory, Jersey Blue, Minnie Ripperton, and countless other less known Acts. So I’ve spent a lot of time in a recording studio, and I know a good one when I record in one. First of all, let me say that John Heartson knows his craft. He is an excellent engineer, and also has the ear and feel of a musician, because he is one. His studio and equipment is as good as any I’ve seen especially in today’s smaller studio market. His sound however is big, VERY BIG. Its sort of a win/win situation. In my opinion, working with John is great. Try him out, I did, and I highly recommend him and his beautiful studio.

Gene McCormick
Newport, VT 


Gene McCormick


Best “album” I’ve heard in a long, long time

Beautiful … I laughed, got chills,  cried a little listening to them all …. and I hate to sound conceited but it’s the best “album” I’ve heard in a long, long time …
wow … walking on air …
this is really amazing .. I really feel your heart and soul in this mix… 

Jennifer Lord – Songwriter – Performer


A musician’s best friend.

From the studio to the stage, John Heartson brings music to life. He makes ordinary music extraordinary and makes amateurs sound like pros. His appreciation for all styles of music and his proficiency in sound engineering enable him to bring out the best in every song. Simply put, he is a musician’s best friend.

Thomas Chapin
Bradford, VT


Dreamery Productions was the perfect place to record 

We felt ultra-comfortable with everything from the equipment to the room resonance, to the air quality to the sweet disposition of our Dreamery collaborator, John.

Studio guru John Heartson has a lovely blend of soul, communication skills, professional awareness and technical ability that helps get the job where it wants to be, and gets it there efficiently. He also likes to have fun, an essential quality to us for supporting our creativity M.O.! John especially has a great ear. He navigates with ease between the fine elements and the overall sound of a piece, all the while keeping our goals and tastes in mind as a basis for the production. We plan to cut our next album at The Dreamery too!

Don and Jenn – Indie pop duo
Bradford, VT


Recording at Dreamery Productions was an amazing experience 

The space was perfect for a true and tonally gratifying sound. …Johns expertise gave my band (Revival of the Fittest) the best sound. He truly stuck to his motto by making our best sound better. I cannot recommend a better studio, if you want professional grade recording, for any genre. The Dreamery makes your dreams come true and you would be smart to be a part of their legacy.

Ethan Lawrence 


Ethan Lawrence