Dreamery Productions is Vermont’s Best Recording Studio for the Working Musician

Tracking -Want to record your band?

Mixing – Need to get your tracks mixed?

CD – Want a CD of your music?

Need More Gigs?  Music Video!

Davide Rosane and the Zookeepers

Mastering –  Mastering is art and science.


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Lobby at Dreamery Productions recording studio
Short walk down the hall
Hang out in Room 42 while the lead singer does overdubs
Live room view from the stage at Dreamery Productions recording studio in Vermont
Multiple rooms to record in
Isolation room / booth
Full wall bass trap sound absorber
View of stage in live room
Live room.
Hybrid analog / digital technology
Masterful Mixes of Your Music
Work with a producer
Happy recording session
Even Tibetan Folk Music, We record ALL styles